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Khathi Charcoal is a Charcoal Company trading under Khathi Holdings, a 100% BBBEE Company.

Khathi Charcoal is a Lumpwood Charcoal manufacturing and Distribution business that is based in KwaZulu-Natal, Jozini      Municipality.

 Key Principles Underlying Our Khathi Charcoal Strategy

  • We deliver on time and in full, with accurate invoicing
  • Ensuring that we service efficiently, effectively and reliable
  • We deliver consistently without fail.
  • We employ people from the community where we operate

       Why Khathi Lumpwood Charcoal:

100% Natural Lumpwood Charcoal is made from ethical & sustainable, all natural wood, that has been burned down to form almost smoke-less charcoal. The pieces of our charcoals range from 3cm -20cm in the bag to allow for the home Braai’s and/or BBQ up to Restaurant, Shisanyama and Chicken Dust good sized pieces. Our Lumpwood Charcoal is almost smokeless and sulphur–free, as such it is ideal fuel for BBQ in towns and cities. People prefer our Lumpwood charcoal for Braais because it burns hotter and cleaner than wood. The Khathi Lumpwood charcoal is made from hardwood material and contains no chemical additives. Our tree plantations make an excellent firewood, the Charcoal produced from this tree is long-lasting and has NO or very little smoke



We supply the majority of our products to lots of different businesses ranging from Supermarkets, Petroleum convenience outlets(Garages), Wholesale outlets, Tuckshops, Street corn “Millies” vendors and Shisanyama “Braaied meat” outlets like Chicken Dust,  Garden centres, Fire and Stove manufacturers’, Hotels, Butchers, Farm shops, Convenience stores, Pubs and Restaurants